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My name is Eric. I was born in Menorca (Balearic Islands) and I am currently living in Girona (Catalonia). I consider myself as a person who enjoys and put all the passion to the work as architect.

I feel gratified to be able to contribute to other people’s lifes by creating new spaces and reformulating other that already exists, in order to transform them to a better place. I do believe in an architecture which offers an answer according to the current society’s needs.

My professions are Architect and Builiding Engineer. I studied at University of Girona in Catalonia as well as at the Katholieke Hogeschool University Sint-Liven in Ghent. (Belgium).


I got two experiences abroad: the first one was as student, where I developed my Final Degree Project; the second one supposed my first experience as Architect at the Studio Vers Plus in Brussels, collaborating in several competitions related to the public building, as well as assisting in private buildings development.


Later on, during a year and a half, I had the opportunity to work at the Studio of Architectre Nacho Herrero, assisting in the design and as responsible of project development of single-family houses and apartment buildings, as well as interior design projects.


In 2018 I signed to offer my services as Chief Architect and Building Engineer to a Contractor named Promontjuic SL, assuming for three years, the role as designer and responsible of the full construction management of several residential building, apartment building and urbanization projects.  


In 2020 I founded ERIC AZNAR STUDIO, giving the most important step in my professional life, focusing the efforts not only to offer the best services of architecture for the client, but also entering international and national competitions. I do have a partnership with the Studio SJB ARQUITECTURA as well.

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